Adam Kammerling

Poet, educator, MC, theatre maker.

SEDER touring in 2023 dates TBC

A black and white photo of Adam Kammerling, a scruffy 20-something, holding a giant pencil and talking into a mic

Seder is an uncompromising interdisciplinary performance working with dance, physical theatre, spoken word and live music to explore intergenerational trauma and the ways in which we can process grief communally.

 Adam Kammerling's grandfather was a kinder transport evacuee who carried a great weight of personal and communal loss. The piece, developed from the poetry collection of the same name, explores this grief and the effect it has had on the generations that followed. It offers the titular Passover ritual as a tool for processing this intergenerational trauma. Connection, ritual and celebration are explored through the story-telling power of seder night. Jazz, klezmer and noise influences create an uncompromising and transcendent musical score.

The piece invites the audience to experience the healing and communal properties present within the ancient ritual of the Passover Seder.


Adam and Cuth

"Flawless presence, encapsulating story telling"

Cuth produces beats. Adam raps. Together they make soulful, down to earth hip hop without pretension, misogyny or shiny accessories.

adam and cuth standing in front of a bright orange wall


diion (chemistry) n. Any ion having two electrical charges

A collaboration with producer and filmmaker, Joseph Bird. A meshing of influences from Fugazi to 0800 Dinosaur, from The Cure to Outkast. Equal parts political and playful, bleak and lush. Rerecorded with Sam Miller, mixed by Josh Grey-Jung of Strangelove.

Adam striding widely in the countryside

Do You Fruit?

Weighty themes and bleak aesthetics. The collaboration between Adam and producer Fea explores the interaction of sparse dub with spoken texts. In the vein of King Midas Sound or Kode9 and Space Ape.


Shall We Take This Outside

"A work of true dazzling brilliance"

Yack magazine

A unique and visceral fusion of spoken word and dance. Adam teamed up with dance super- humans, Si Rawlinson and Emma Houston, to explore the effect of hero behaviour on real-world attitudes to violence, and male mental health. Commissioned by Apples And Snakes and the Albany, and supported by Arts Council England, Shall We Take This Outside toured to Bristol, Southampton, Stratford, Canterbury and Norwich, and featured at Southbank Centre for BAM festival.

Adam standing on a stage under a spotlight, someone lies still on the floor behind him in the shadow

Adam standing on a stage under a spotlight, someone lies still on the floor behind him in the shadow


now we are lighting the candles

returning to when our bodies are

asking why is this night different

A hyper-dynamic cohort of artists examine intergenerational trauma and the rituals we make for connection and processing. Seder asks how all of us can celebrate our existence, and how, by softening the boundaries of tribal practice, we welcome new bodies into an age-old space.

Developed over lockdown with dancers Emma Houston, Si Rawlinson and Saskia Horton, and musicians Bellatrix and Antosh Wojcik, Seder is a unique performance that continues the work of the poetry collection of the same name.



Adam has been delivering poetry, rap and spoken-word theatre workshops for over ten years. As his own practice has widened so has his education work; producing poetry books, theatre shows, podcasts and dance pieces. Reaching emerging artists, young people in schools, artists with specific learning needs, and elderly and isolated artists.

He is the creative producer of The Nest, a project established with the Fostering Network, which delivers creative workshops to young people who are a part of the Mockingbird fostering program.

*Adam was sensational. His initial performance showed that he had come prepared, with an awesome, inspiring and witty poem, which fitted perfectly with the theme of the day. His humour was a brilliant touch and the students loved him. He clearly knows how to work with young people and get the most out of them - no matter what their ability. He fitted in perfectly with our plans - even ones that we slightly changed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to another school or to recommend that this artist returns to our school in the future. Thank you.*

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